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Our Partners


Entrepreneurs who seek growth equity, business owners who want to realize full or partial ownership in their business or who do seek equity funding in special situations 

Companies are operating in the service sector such as business services, financial, software, healthcare services, in consumer and consumer internet and industrial technology. Businesses are profitable and leaders in their specific niche or do provide compelling potential for growth. 


We do provide long term capital in order to facilitate the full potential for value creation, usually longer than the industry specific 3-5 years tenure. 


We are not managing your business, but are interested in situations where either a highly capable and driven existing management is in place or where we do have strong MBI candidates on hand.


We are seeking long term investments, hence are acting as strategic investors.


We do consider also minority holdings, hence allowing the business owner to restructure his personal wealth.


We go for a small number of focused holdings, hence your business is key to us. 

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